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Robots With a Human Touch? Yes, Please

by Shashank
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the robot is already rented Metaphorically speaking, hands around the house. Some pay for barbecued char, others mow the garden, wash the windows, or clean the pool. Amazon’s Astro tracks its owner from room to room with their favorite music, delivers snacks to the kids in the hall, and acts as her security patrol when she’s away from home, keeping her loved ones safe. Provides peace of mind when you want to check in. etc.

But by 2023, we predict that robots will evolve into more human-like roles. They develop the ability to converse with, entertain, and offer companionship to their owners by engaging in natural conversation and becoming an integral part of the home.

Humans already tend to treat technology like a companion. Assign a name to your robot. Talk on your gadget or app when you are fully aware that the gadget or app is unresponsive. Even if technology wasn’t designed to play the role of humans, integrating its capabilities into our lives makes us treat it like a separate entity. Barriers to normalized ongoing interaction have always been a function of the machine’s ability to engage us realistically. But that barrier is slowly but surely being removed.

Until recently, conversations with robots were relatively simple. True communication requires understanding complex languages ​​and social contexts. But now, with major advances in artificial intelligence through machine learning, computers process and analyze billions of pages of text, conversations, discussions, or years of audio, all in a matter of minutes. meaning on a human level.

Add advances in speech-to-text conversion and natural language processing (the ability of machines to hear and understand), and you have assembled speech input and output: machine ears and vocalizers. For example, some language engines can generate responses to questions that are indistinguishable from human responses. As these capabilities spread to home robots, we see robots evolving into companions that can provide emotional support and advice, like trusted assistants, in addition to functional support. This kind of emotional integration may seem far-fetched, but machines that create responses based solely on facts have an irresistible allure.

As with other large-scale technological changes such as flat-panel TVs and smartphones, early adopters will pay a premium for future first cracks. The device still has a lot of issues to work out, but early mover feedback and testing provides a roadmap for how best to lower product capabilities and costs. Consumers in 2023 predict that they will set the stage for an expanding domain of humanoid robotics in the country, just as the public has focused on a future where human space travel is normalized. And in the not-too-distant future, as technology advances and price points become more affordable, robots will become really useful and fun companions around the house.

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