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Best Air Fryer Deals: Save Up to $110 on Bella, Ninja, Instant Pot and More

by Ronaldo Derric
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We tested dozens of air fryers to bring you the best best option It’ll be available in 2023, but if you’re budget-conscious, you’ll want to look for the ultimate sale on these handy devices. Even if you didn’t, there are plenty of bargains on both small and large air fryers. Some models sell for as little as $25. We’ve rounded up the best bargains below. We will continue to update this page as new deals come in.

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what does an air fryer do?

Air fryer ovens make crispy snacks that taste like they’re fried, but don’t require actual frying. Instead, air fryers use ultra-hot, fast-circulating air to replicate the effects of deep-frying, but without all the unnecessary calories and fat. increase. For me, the only thing better than an air fryer is It’s cheap air fryer, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the deals outlined below.

What types of air fryers are there?

when you choose air fryeryou have to make one big decision: the specific model that’s all Air frying is generally cheaper, but limited in what you can do. Then there are the larger, hybrid countertop convection ovens with air frying capabilities. In this type you can usually bake, bake, toast, reheat, defrost and warm in addition to baking. Both versions are great, and it really depends on what you’re cooking, the counter space you can give up, and how much you want to use.

How much does an air fryer cost?

This all depends on how fancy you want it to be. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend much if you don’t want to use it, especially if you snap one of these air fryer deals. Starting at $100, I’ve found that they work well even though they lack some of the features found in more expensive ovens. range from $120 to $300, but you can get one for less with these 2022 air fryer deals.

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Air fryer deals only now

This Instant Pot pressure cooker and slow cooker doubles as an air fryer with a special lid. There are many other cooking functions such as roasting, baking and steaming, so you can save even more.

You have received price alert for Instant Pot Duo Crisp: $152


With 4.2 quarts of cooking capacity and intuitive touchscreen controls, this mid-sized Bella Air Fryer at just $40 is great value for most people. It has 1,500 watts of power, can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the removable cooking pan and crisping tray are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.


If you’re looking for an oven that handles not only bagels and toast, but air-frying foods that work well with superconvection, such as French fries and chicken wings, an air-frying toaster is the way to go. I tested this Gourmia. This is excellent and currently available for $80 when you use his coupon for 20% onsite at checkout.


This is another Ninja Air Fryer that we have tested and really like. It also has a more precise cooking mode for cooking.

I am receiving price alerts for Ninja Foodie Air Fryers and Toasters: $195


At less than 3 quarts, this air fryer is smaller than most fryers, but a good size for 2 people or anyone with limited counter space. Pricing varies by color choice, but currently this 2.6-quart fryer is available for him for $50.

I just received a price alert for Dash Tasti-Crisp 2.6 Quart Digital Air Fryer: $50


If you’re not sure air frying can be a jam, get a feel for it by starting with this serviceable Bella fryer, priced at just $25. It’s a sure deal for flyers.

You have just received a price alert for the Bella 2 Quart Digital Air Fryer: $25


The Foodi 6.5-Quart Multi-Cooker does a lot more than an air fryer, but it does it well. You can pressure cook, slow cook, steam and sauté in this multifunctional countertop cooker. Get it now for $50 off.

Ninja Foodi Multicooker: You have received a price alert for $150.


Zavor’s Crunch Air Fryer Oven lets you grill, dehydrate, bake, and more with eight cooking programs that make common foods like French fries, seafood, pizza, chicken, and vegetables easy.

Bella Pro Series

This air fryer is equipped with dual flex baskets that allow you to cook two different foods in two different ways at the same time. This feature makes meal planning easier. (You can also synchronize the two baskets so they are always full of the same food.)

You have just received a price alert for the Bella Pro Series 9 Quart Dual Basket Air Fryer: $130

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