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Barbara Walters (1929-2022) | Tributes

by Ronaldo Derric
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Barbara Walters grew up in the fascinating, bordering world of Lou Walters. Lou Walters is the man she described in her memoirs as “my brilliant and whimsical father’s impresario.” Lou Walters was an agent dating back to Vaudeville, the son of an Eastern European Jewish immigrant who came to the United States at the age of 15. His clients included Radio His star Fred Allen and The Wizard of Oz Tin Man Jack Haley. So his daughter has always been comfortable around celebrities.

Lou Walters made and lost several fortunes as the country’s economy in general and show business in particular changed. Barbara’s only sister, Jackie, had cognitive impairment. This instability, and the knowledge that she would always be responsible for her older sister, made her successful at a time when it was rare and widely disliked for women to pursue careers normally reserved for men. She described herself as a “sad and serious girl”.

She originally intended to call her memoir, sisterBut she eventually called it audition, seems like an odd choice for someone with an amazing record of achievements. It shows what drove her. She never felt that she had arrived, that she was finished. “Many of the needs I had to prove myself, achieve, serve and protect can be attributed to my feelings for Jackie … In retrospect, my I feel that life was one,” she wrote. A long audition — an attempt to make a difference and be accepted, not to mention she named her only daughter Jacqueline after her sister.

Barbara has referred to her predecessor, ‘Today Girls,’ as a ‘tea pourer,’ saying, ‘The main requirement for the Today show was to wake up at 7 a.m. and look pretty… that ‘pretty Don’t worry about your head.” Television popular culture reflected the sweet and submissive image of the good wife. Women doing something with their brains were not included. ” She was the one who changed it, and she partly admitted it because she came at the right time.

But she helped make it the right time. When her co-host, Frank McGee, refused to allow her to ask the interviewee questions, he finally said that after he asked four, she could ask one. and she came up with a way around it. His rule only applied to studio interviews. If she found her own interviewees and filmed them outside the studio, she could do it as she pleased. took the audience. After Maggie’s death, she finally became an official co-host and the female co-host of the morning show.

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