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Crisis Core Reunion Marries a Final Fantasy 7 Classic With Its Remake

by Ronaldo Derric
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final fantasy 7 Fans were ready to eat well in the mid-2000s, as developer Square Enix released several spin-offs that expanded on the world of 1997’s legendary PlayStation RPG.Unfortunately, most new stories — PS2 shooters, etc. Dirge of Cerberus and CG movie advent children — After the delicious and nutritious meals that were Final Fantasy 7, fast food is now.

The only exception was the excellent 2007 action RPG. crisis coreIn this prequel, you’ll take on the role of Zack Fair, a character with a small but important role in the main story of Final Fantasy 7, and explore his career as a member of the corporate mega-corporation Shinra’s Soldier Paramilitary Group.

It delivered nearly 25 hours of main story gameplay, compelling side missions, and the inevitable emotional gut punch of an ending that will burn fans’ minds.

The problem is only with the PlayStation Portable (PSP), which has been left behind by Sony’s obsolete handhelds for over 15 years.However, after 2020 final fantasy 7 remake When its downloadable content Zack hinted at a bigger role in his next film reproductionSquare Enix finally let a new generation of gamers dive into Crisis Core.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC hit December 13th. Over the weekend he played some of the game on his PS5 and found this remastered classic to be a nostalgic delight.

Initially, I thought this was going to have some modern flair, like 3D character models, upgraded environments, and finally the ability to play on a giant TV screen (or mirror the Switch’s handheld original). I thought it was just a PSP game with Some of the pre-rendered cutscenes have not been remastered and may be marred by graphic artifacts.

The iconic summon Ifrit is the first of many you will encounter.

square Enix

As I played, it became more and more apparent that Square Enix was also making more subtle changes. The developers have brought combat closer to the beautiful flow of the remake. Chaining together physical and magical attacks and summoning god-like beings to perform super attacks feels natural and smooth – in part because every modern system’s controller is more powerful than the PSP’s. Because there are more buttons to use – making for a much more comfortable experience than before in 2007.

There’s also a new way to interrupt the strongest enemy’s maximum attack, allowing you to deal as much damage as possible while the enemy is charging. It may not seem like a huge addition, but it adds a layer of strategy to boss encounters you might otherwise have played defensively.

A slot machine-style digital mind wave system regularly grants bonuses and summons allies in battle. It also determines when Zack and his abilities level up. Rest assured this is not random. So I don’t know how much experience I have. That link to Zack’s emotional effects was also used for big narrative effects at some key points.

Battle of Zack and Sephiroth in

Certainly, Sephiroth becomes less cold after a certain point.

square Enix

All cutscenes are now fully voice-acted.The original chunk was text-only.The remake’s excellent cast is back in their roles. Superman and Lois Tyler Hoechlin As the future villain Sephiroth, he’s a pretty cool (even a little distant) guy for most of this game.

For better or worse, though, Crisis Core Reunion is basically the same game you got in 2007. It’s still broken up into easily digestible story chapters where Zack goes on a mission for Shinra, unlocking bite-sized missions along the way. Portable designed for quick sessions Shakes off his gaming roots completely.

It does feel a bit of a stop-start in the early hours, especially as the various systems of the game are introduced, but you get used to it quickly.

Crisis Core: Zack Fair blows up his enemies in Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

The DMW at the top left of the screen is a regular companion during battle.

square Enix

The gameplay loop of running through chapters, then blasting through a bunch of unlocked missions, and talking to various characters in the hub around Shinra Headquarters is satisfying. mass effect, another classic 2007 RPG. It’s basically just a few rooms and streets, heavily enhanced by the game’s epic art direction (the PSP version doesn’t load slowly).

Zack is also an ultra-charismatic protagonist, and his enthusiasm sets him apart from Final Fantasy 7’s moody Cloud. Fans who are aware of this relationship between the two will find meeting Zack especially rewarding.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion sees Cloud staring at something off-screen

Seeing Fantasty 7 Cloud before the Final Final is one of the great joys of Crisis Core.

square Enix

The other characters are a mixed bag – Zack’s Soldier mentor Angeal is so stiff that I practically turn away whenever he’s on screen. The writing around these two is uninspiring. However, Cloud and Aerith make up for it when they enter the story.

And seeing these game icons’ early adventures and how Zack helped shape them is the number one reason to play Crisis Core Reunion. It’s still his PSP game from 2007 (as evidenced by his beautiful mid-2000s flip phone), but Square Enix’s ambitions make him one of the best games on that system. I was. I am very happy that I am no longer trapped there. It’s the game every Final Fantasy 7 fan needs to play before Rebirth comes out later next year.

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