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3 Ways to Market to Hispanic Consumers This Holiday Season

by Ronaldo Derric
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The holiday season is upon us and shopping is in full swing. Despite the current economic climate, shoppers are finding ways to stay in the holiday spirit by hunting for bargains or shifting spending to allocate more to gifts.According to research conducted by Deloitte, “Household budgets may be at their weakest level in a decade, but spending remains stable as consumers cut unnecessary items to gift and socialize.” , after reducing their spending efforts in 2021, low-income shoppers plan to increase their spending by 25% this year. As Americans adjust spending strategies due to inflation, businesses need to understand growing consumer segments and champion them by crafting authentic and authentic marketing campaigns that make them feel welcome. there is.

As we approach the 2022 holiday season, brands will need to focus more on their Hispanic holiday marketing efforts. why? the Hispanic community Second fastest growing minority market in the USan increase of 212% or $500 billion since 2000. 60 million Hispanics in the United Statesand in 2019, $1.5 trillion purchasing power.

So, here are three ways you can potentially create lifelong customer loyalty while successfully pitching to the Hispanic community.

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1. Demonstrate understanding

It’s important to emphasize that the Hispanic community is not monolithic. This community takes great pride in American culture and the culture of their country of origin.according to Pew Research Center“Black and Hispanic adults were more likely than white adults to say that their origins were central to their identity and that they felt a stronger connection to their family’s cultural roots.” An organization’s marketing efforts are considered more authentic if they demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture.

One might think that this holiday season consists only of La Navidad, but there are also other lines such as the Lines Inmaculada Concepción de Maria, Las Posadas, Nochebuena, Dia de los Innocentes and La Noche de Fin de Año. , and Dia de los Reyes Magos. Marketers need to fully understand what these special days mean so they can be better positioned when advertising in this community.

A good example of a business that has shown understanding is PublixOn their website, they posted traditional Latin American holiday recipes and included links to the ingredients customers can find at the store.

2. Incorporate Spanish

Incorporating Spanish into an organization’s marketing activities further strengthens the bond between consumers and brands.according to Kantar 2021 US Monitor Report88% of Hispanics in the U.S. say they appreciate businesses speaking to them in Spanish, and 87% make a good faith effort to be part of or invest in their community. We feel the company deserves our loyalty.” 71% of all Hispanics speak Spanish at homeprimarily or in combination with English, the use of Spanish as part of a company’s holiday marketing efforts can help organizations develop a deeper connection with their target market.

A good example of this is disney animation studiosThe organization incorporated Spanish into its holiday message and utilized designs from award-winning films. Encanto.

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3. Focus on building community

Marketers may try to push catchy ads during this time, but the main goal they try to achieve is to create a community of customers who will support them for life. Building lifelong relationships requires a deep understanding of communities, standing with them in times of crisis, and creating opportunities for them to thrive. The company that did a great job with this is Target.recently diversity report, Target shared that about 30% of the overall team, more than one-fifth of managers, and 10% of executives are Hispanic/Latino. Target also has a long-standing partnership with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the United States, offering more than 60 of his Latino-owned and founded brands, $1.1 billion At Latino-owned suppliers, media, localization efforts, and community organizations.

In terms of marketing efforts, Target launched a multicultural holiday series called “Welcome To.” The series celebrates various holidays throughout the year by showcasing the target audience of these communities.Plus, in 2021, Target featured Dia de Reyes He then highlighted how one of the customers celebrated the day with his family.

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Like any community, the holiday season is a time for the Hispanic community to gather with family and friends for big spreads and dinners, and to reflect on the coming year. If brands truly want to reach Hispanic consumers, they need to partner with their communities by supporting them, celebrating with them, and providing opportunities for them. Finally, when doing Hispanic marketing, it’s important to incorporate elements of the Spanish language and overall culture into your campaign.

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