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From Twitter to Mastodon: What Happens When Journalists Flock Platforms

by Ronaldo Derric
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“@adamdavidson’s decision not to take action against anti-trans content is not confidence-inspiring and I fully understand why other places are doing instance-level blocking,” she said in journa. (Instance-level blocking refers to Mastodon’s ability for one server to block another server’s content.)

Zach Everson, one of journa.host’s administrators, responded by agreeing with Molloy, saying, “Banning people from posting links to NYT articles is a precedent that we really need to work on. ,” he added.

On Saturday, journa.host stopped Pesca, who was notified by text message from longtime friend Davidson. Davidson said he was suspended for calling Molloy an “activist,” Pesca said. was negative. Pesca said in an interview that the moratorium “seemed arbitrary and makeshift.” Molloy didn’t respond to a request for comment.

“We want to be a place to have a passionate debate,” said Davidson, who refrained from making a decision because of his relationship with Mr. Pesca. “But we don’t want to be a place where people insult each other.”

Also on Saturday, Ms. Molloy appeared on another Mastodon server to announce that she too had been suspended from journa.host for posting.

“Did I break their rules over there? Yes, they certainly had the right to suspend me from there,” she wrote. I’m here. (Later Molloy posted an apology to Pesca.)

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