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Switch Cloud Streaming: How to Play Resident Evil Village, Plague Tale: Requiem and More

by Ronaldo Derric
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of nintendo switch does not have the power of PS5 or Xbox Series X (or almost any gaming pc), but can run graphics-intensive games. Resident Evil Village When Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyHow does this almost five-year-old hybrid handheld work? The answer is something called Switch Cloud Streaming.

favorite Xbox cloud gamingGeForce Now, PS Plus and the Google Stadia Will Disappear Soon, Switch Cloud Streaming allows you to play specific titles from the cloud. This means the game is played on a remote server somewhere in the “cloud” and the output is streamed directly to your screen. However, Nintendo’s version works differently than Microsoft, Sony, and Nvidia’s services.

How does Switch Cloud Streaming work?

This is infamous because the Switch doesn’t have the ability to run certain graphics-intensive games without downgrading the visuals. witcher 3 — Nintendo has created a service to play games via the cloud. Buy any Switch Cloud game and play it on Switch without physical cartridges or downloads.

The game plays virtually the same as if you had a physical cartridge or digital copy, but since it’s played on the cloud, your internet connection may make your experience different. Cloud gaming is a fairly intensive real-time stream, which can be slow and choppy.

What games use Switch Cloud Streaming?

Current titles using Switch Cloud Streaming include:

These games are only available on the Nintendo eShop and require the respective game app to be downloaded to Switch. It acts as a game launcher and uses significantly less storage (around 100MB) compared to the full game. Pricing for cloud games is the same as for physical or digital, with publishers occasionally selling games.

Do I need a Switch Online subscription?

No. Switch between online subscriptions Required to play online and access cloud saves, but not required for Switch cloud streaming. All you need is to purchase the actual title.

How well does Switch cloud streaming work?

It depends on your internet connection. As long as it’s fast, there’s little difference from other Switch games. However, if you have a slow or unstable internet connection, each time you press a button, the results will have to travel to the cloud before appearing on your screen, resulting in greater input lag.

Luckily there is a free demo Control, hitman 3 and other cloud games available on our eShop. These demos allow you to try the game for just 5 minutes to see how well your internet connection can handle cloud gaming.

Some cloud games, such as Control, include different modes for performance and graphics. Enhanced performance mode focuses on providing the smoothest gaming experience at the highest frame rates, while enhanced graphics mode focuses on graphics fidelity and resolution. The former is great for those who don’t have the best connection, while the latter is for getting the best looking experience that requires much more stable and fast internet speeds.

For example, in the Control’s graphics-heavy mode, the graphics mode uses ray tracing to present a visual experience similar to more powerful consoles, but the game may experience lag while playing. .

For now this feels like an imperfect solution. In fact, cloud gaming as a whole still feels in its early stages (despite being around for over a decade). But it’s also great for those who don’t want to miss out on a few major games the Switch couldn’t keep up with.

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