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58th Chicago International Film Festival Reveals Award Winners | Festivals & Awards

by Ronaldo Derric
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The jury for the short competition is made up of live action judges Gustavo Martín Benites Gálvez, Christian Mejía and Juefang Zhang. Documentary judges Maria Haynes Stewart, Paige Taur and Waldemar Wilk. Animation judges Erica Duffy, Katie Life and Dena Springer.

Here is the full list of winners at the 58th Chicago International Film Festival.

International Feature Film Competition
Gold Hugo: “Godland” (Denmark, Iceland, France, Sweden), director.Freinur Palmerson
Hugo Jury Silver Award: “Close” (Belgium, France, Holland), directed by Lucas Dont
Silver Hugo, Best Director: Mariam Touzani, “The Blue Caban” (France, Morocco, Belgium, Denmark)
Silver Hugo Best Performance: Vicky Krieps “Corsage” (Austria, France, Germany)
Silver Hugo, Best Ensemble Cast Performance: Denis Menochet, Marina Foyth, Luis Zajera, Diego Anido, Marie Colón, “The Beast” (Spain, France)
Silver Hugo Best Screenplay: Alice Diop, Amrita David, Zoë Galeron, Marie Endiae, “Saint-Omer” (France)
Silver Hugo Best Cinematography: Maria von Hauswolf, Godland
Silver Hugo, Best Production Design: Marcela Gomez (Production Designer) and Daniel Rincon (Art Director), “The Kings of the World” (Colombia, Norway, Luxembourg, Mexico, France)
Cinematic Brave Award: “No Bears” (Iran), Director.Jafar Panahi

new director competition
Gold Hugo: “Lake of the Hawk” (Canada, France); direction Charlotte Le Bon
Silver Hugo: “Piaffe” (Germany).Direction Ann Oren
Roger Ebert Prize: “The Great Silence” (Denmark), Director.Catherine Brox, “A Piece of Sky” (Switzerland, Germany), Dir. Michael Koch

International Documentary Competition
Gold Hugo: “Alice” (Colombia, Romania, Chile), directed by Claire Weiskopf, Nicholas Van Hemerlich
Silver Hugo: “Natural History of Destruction” (Germany, Lithuania, Holland), director.Sergei Loznitsa
Chicago Prize: “King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones” (USA, France), Dir. Harriet Marin Jones
Honorable Mention: “Matriarch” (USA), directed.Donald Conley

outlook competition
Gold Q-Hugo: Director of “Close”.lucas dont
Silver Q-Hugo: “Paloma” (Brazil, Portugal), director.Marcelo Gomez
Special mention: “Alice” director.Claire Weiskopf, Nicholas Van Hemerlich

live-action short film competition
Gold Hugo: “Headhunter’s Daughter” (Philippines), director.Don Yospefus Rafael Ebrahan
Silver Hugo: “Live” (Poland), director.Mara Tamkovic

documentary short film competition
Gold Hugo: “Nazarbaji” (Iran), director.Mariam Tarakofi
Silver Hugo: “Revolver” (USA), director. ;Crystal Z Campbell

Animated Short Film Competition
Gold Hugo: The Ice Merchant (Portugal) Directed by João Gonzalez
Silver Hugo: “My Year of Dicks” (USA), director.Sarah Gunnarsdottir

For more information, please visit the festival website. https://www.chicagofilmfestival.com/.

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