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by Shashank
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What are you up to this weekend? We are going to see Bros and also enjoy the sunshine after lots of rain! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Found! .

Could you live in this tiny Tokyo apartment? (NYTimes)

A writer interviewed her grandfather-in-lawdays before his planned death. “Climbing the hill of life is challenging but marvelous. The way down is slippery. Literally. It’s easier to walk up than down.” (NYMag)

My $25 mood booster.

Yummm, fudge-y pantry brownies.

The etymology of the word spinster: “It comes from women who spun wool for a living — spinners. They were financially independent and didn’t need to get married. Then it became a pejorative, this sense of women not needing husbands.”

What color would you paint your front door?

Omg what a funny Instagram feed: Hot Dads of Picture Books.

This headline made me laugh.

Molly Baz’s wine branding. Yay for feeling fun and playful, versus stuffy and insider-y!

Ooh, such a pretty wedding dress.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says MAK on strategic starters for a dinner party: “Some friends had us over recently and served cold martinis and Lay’s potato chips. Perfect combo.”

Says Amy on the dead dad club: “When my dad died, this is how I felt: ‘We were a religious sect consisting of two people, and now half the congregation was gone.’ – James Marcus”

Says Kay on a podcast that made me laugh: “I have a gigantic crush on Jason Mantzoukas and love listening to him on podcasts, especially the Gilmore Guys. His characters are often loud twits but he comes across as so smart and sensitive in interviews. I also LOVE Scam Goddesstrue crimes that aren’t murdery but con-focused; and The Bechdel Castwhere they talk about movies through an intersectional feminist lens; and of COURSE Maintenance Phase because Aubrey Gordon is in fact amazing.”

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