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The High Cost of Living Your Life Online

by Shashank
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be online should always be exposed. It may seem obvious, but it’s a level of exposure that no human being has ever dealt with. We post on Twitter, and people we’ve never met give us their thoughts and criticisms. People are looking at your latest Instagram selfies. They are literally swiping your face. I have a lot of messages. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is watching you.

Being observed by so many people seems to have a significant psychological effect. Of course, there is a positive side to this ability to connect with others. For example, when we weren’t able to get close to our loved ones at the height of the pandemic, it was very important. He said it could be permanent.

Studies have shown that heavy social media use increases the risk of the following symptoms: anxiety When depressionThere appears to be substantial evidence linking people’s mental health and online habits. Additionally, many psychologists believe that people may be coping with psychological effects.

Larry Rosen, professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, said: “It’s become somewhat contagious.”

Rosen has studied the psychological effects of technology since 1984, and says he’s seen things “spread out of control.” He says people receive dozens of notifications every day and often feel trapped in their online lives.

“Even if you’re not looking at the screen, the screen is in your head,” says Rosen.

One of the values ​​of privacy is that it gives us a space to operate without judgment. As we use social media, we often find that many strangers are viewing, liking, commenting on, and sharing our content with their own communities. Whenever I post something online and expose a part of myself, I am not fully aware of how I am being received in the virtual world. Fallon Goodman, an assistant professor of psychology at George Washington University, says she can become stressed and anxious when she doesn’t know what kind of impression she’s making online.

“When you post a photo, the only real data you get is people’s likes and comments. It’s not always an accurate representation of how the world feels about your photo or post.” Goodman says. “Now you are semi-permanently exposing yourself, and because you have limited information about how it was received, you also have limited information about the ratings people are making about you.”

Anna Lembke, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University, says we build our identities based on how we are perceived by others. Much of that identity is now being formed on the Internet, and this can be difficult to tackle.

“This virtual identity is a combination of all these online interactions that we have. It is a very fragile identity because it exists in cyberspace. says Lembke. “We are very exposed.”

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