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7 Ways to Build Strong PR for Your Personal Brand

by Ronaldo Derric
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Building a strong reputation for your personal brand depends heavily on getting the right exposure. Growing personal brands often refer to successful media stories that have taken them from “trying out” to “trending,” sometimes referred to as their lucky break.

Having a lucky chance is important, but if you really want to build your credibility as a thought leader or entrepreneur, you need a strong public relations strategy. If your goal is to grow your brand and increase your business opportunities, getting media acquisition at the right time (and by the right means) is very important.

Social media posts and digital marketing campaigns alone are not enough to differentiate yourself from your competitors for potential customers. Nothing contributes to your success more than building your reputation through meaningful media coverage.

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1. Define your brand

Eventually, you may become so popular that every publication, news show, or podcast wants to share your thoughts with its audience. Hmm. If you want to build your brand with PR, best plan The transition from crawling to walking to running. Start small, slowly build your reputation, and then move on to bigger opportunities. To do this well, you need to define your brand and focus your efforts.

Start defining your brand by highlighting your expert niche. For example, are you a social media expert? Cryptocurrency expert? Sustainability expert? Whatever it is, build your brand around it, identify outlets that focus on those topics, and pitch to them. Getting into the publications is difficult, especially without professional help. Gaining traction with smaller, more specialized outlets is a good place to start.

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2. Start creating content

Once established, right place, go to establish your voice by creating content. Fill your portfolio with blog posts and his LinkedIn posts to reveal what you know and your unique way of communicating. Set a goal of sending one guest blog post each week to relevant industry outlets. Host your own podcast if you want to talk. If you love writing, write an ebook.

Being active on social media channels is an essential part of building your voice, but you don’t want to stop there. Having longer content can help promote your brand and help media outlets understand what it means to have you contribute.

3. Public speaking

If you are afraid of speaking in public, take the following precautions: overcome that. Public speaking is a great PR tactic. Whether speaking at podcasts, local business gatherings, academic events, or industry conferences, public speaking can help you promote your brand and connect with potential clients. Additionally, your event may be covered by the media. This means free and natural coverage for you and your brand.

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4. Invest in quality photography

Image in branding has never been more important. All social platforms are visual platforms. All media outlets have posted photos alongside their articles. If you want to stand out in these places, it’s imperative that you provide photos that stand out. If your field is photography, take pictures of yourself. If not, hire a professional. Even if you are developing a brand on a budget, this will be money well spent.

5. Go for business awards

It’s never a bad idea to list “awards” in your resume. Also, winning awards in certain areas is easier than you might think. Various organizations, including publications, professional associations and local business groups, regularly sponsor the awards. Leveraging your social media followers can sometimes make winning a prize as easy as getting the most votes. Googling “small business awards” can get you on the right track.

6. Make friends with the media

The ultimate PR goal is to get your brand featured in the media. This ultimately means that you will need to enlist the support of a journalist or editor.

Once you’ve targeted a few media outlets related to your brand, identify who writes for them. make a ruckus, but don’t be a nuisance. This work pays off when you start marketing yourself to the media and differentiate your brand from all the other brands that enter your outlet’s inbox.

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