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Google to Shut Down Stadia Video Game Streaming Service

by Ronaldo Derric
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Google has announced that it will shut down Stadia, the video game streaming service that is the company’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation video game consoles.

Stadia, which has been streaming games over the internet rather than requiring expensive consoles, will shut down on Jan. 18, Stadia vice president and general manager Phil Harrison wrote Thursday. . blog postThe product debuted almost three years ago and promised to revolutionize the way people play video games. However, it was not accepted by enough gamers.

Harrison writes:

Harrison said Google will refund all gaming hardware purchased from the Google Store and games purchased from the Stadia store. He said the company expects to complete most refunds by mid-January.

The company has already begun selling Stadia’s underlying streaming technology to other companies, and says it expects many Stadia team members to “carry out this work in other parts of the company.” increase. February 2021, Google shut down Stadia’s in-house game studio formed to create new titles has raised concerns that the entire service could one day disappear.

Stadia is just the latest killed by googleThe company plans to shut down its messaging app Hangouts in November. Google subsidiary YouTube also announced in January that it would stop creating original content.

Amid concerns over rising inflation and economic instability, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has launched a “simplicity sprint,” an effort to improve business efficiency and cut unnecessary costs. did.The company recently cut the money I also have a job at Area 120, our in-house tech incubator, Cancel unnecessary business trips.

VoxPop Games Chief Operating Officer Marc Rodriguez said in an interview that he has mixed feelings about Google’s decision to end the service. His company is due to the gaming giant sharing his Stadia challenges, including competing with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. A fixed habit of gamers.

VoxPop CEO Charles Yu added:

The planned shutdown was disappointing for frequent Stadia users.

“A lot of people like me feel betrayed,” said John Jameson, 36, of Lyman, South Carolina. “Everything from anger to disgust at the staff who worked there. He added that he felt “emotion”.

Jameson, who has long-term disability insurance since he was in a car accident 10 years ago, plays games like Assassin’s Creed on Stadia every day, “when I’m not exercising I look for a way out.” said.

For Gabe Meyer, 37, of Linthicum, Maryland, stadia was a family affair. He has spent his $1,000 on games and controllers since the service launched. He said he liked Stadia because it lets kids play on their phones and tablets while adults watch TV. He said his young daughters enjoy a game called Picnic and have their own play sessions every week.

Maier, who owns an Android phone and uses many of Google’s products, said in an interview that it’s “very disappointing” that Stadia is about to expire.

“It leans into Google’s worst perception: Google innovates quickly and throws babies out in the bath water.” people who are.”

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