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Abu Dhabi-Based Lyve Global Buys A Majority Stake In Shopini World As A Part Of Its US$150 Million Acquisition Strategy

by Ronaldo Derric
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Abu Dhabi based B2B logistics SaaS platform live global acquired a majority stake in Shopini Worldis a cross-border e-commerce logistics and solutions provider with operations in UAE, USA, UK, Turkey and China.

live global

The transaction is part of Lyve Global’s plan to invest US$150 million in high-quality acquisitions over the next two years to grow its global portfolio and expand its market reach.

The acquisition is expected to bring operational synergies between Shopini’s e-commerce solutions and international network, and Lyve’s technology and logistics infrastructure in the MENA region.

Nader Museitif, Chief Investment Officer liveCombining Shopini’s first- and middle-mile services with Lyve’s solutions completes the entire logistics cycle, improves efficiency, and greatly enhances the execution capabilities and customer reach of Lyve’s e-commerce clients.

Achieving such results will require continued investment in Lyve Global’s talent base, technology and coverage, Museitif added. “It’s a balance game, a relentless effort to balance market opportunity, basically demand, with the allocation of limited resources,” Museitif said. You should be able to sell more in a healthy economy, find a need in the market, build a solution for it, and make sure you get more money after the sale than you started with.”

Since its launch in 2016, Lyve Global has helped businesses digitize the customer journey from order to payment to delivery. Today, the market need that Lyve Global serves is to help businesses establish a strong omnichannel presence and deliver a seamless customer experience. All of this is proving important as digitization continues to disrupt the e-commerce landscape, especially in his MENA region. .

“We are determined to continue building and expanding our offerings in ways that meet the needs of our customers’ growth and digital transformation,” added Museitif. “Our investment strategy is designed to complement and accelerate our organic efforts and we look forward to announcing many more partnerships in the near future.”

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