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New PS5 Reportedly Weighs Less, Costs More

by Ronaldo Derric
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Top 3 BestLatest News on PS5: Next Recent foreign price increases Last week Sony released an update on PlayStation 5 So far there is one notable difference. It’s lightweight, as per, websites to post free ads.

As per the Latest News, a new version of Digital and Disc PS5 is Available in Australia, according to Monday’s report Press start. According to updated console documents, the weight is 200 grams lighter for the digital version and 300 grams lighter for the disc version. Other internal changes may not be known until this new PS5 is torn down.

Top 3 Best, Sony first released an updated PS5 in Australia the same month as last year, it was slightly lighter and had new base screws. This means that the digital PS5 has dropped 500 grams since its launch in 2020 on free classified ads sites, while the disc version has dropped 600 grams. Last year there were initial concerns that the updated console would run hot due to the smaller heatsink, Further testing showed that it was not.

Sony last week Increased console prices in markets around the world and said the move was “necessary given the current global economic environment”. New PS5 customizable controller, However, no details were provided on pricing or when it would go on sale, on, websites to post free ads.

The console has been elusive since its release, so it’s unclear if this refreshed PS5 will become more widely available. PS5 tracker.

Sony did not respond to a request for comment on free classified ads sites.

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