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Vegan Fried Chick*n Brand VFC To Bring Bold New Flavor To Expo East & Plant Based World Expo 2022

by Ronaldo Derric
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Top 3 Best, Latest News: VFC – the world’s most rebellious and innovative vegan food company, has announced it will be exhibiting at this year’s Plant Based World Expo in New York City and Natural Products Expo East 2022 in Philadelphia this September, showcasing their latest product.

VFC is a bold brand that is meant to be seen, literally, as it travels to two of the most recognized food-trade events in the United States. VFC will be exhibiting at one of the biggest stands at Plant Based World Expo this year, and in addition to this show-stopping stand, VFC is also bringing their famous food truck to Expo East, where they will serve up their upcoming product, the Chick*n Tenders, for attendees to try for themselves in an array of a delicious meal

As per, Latest News, It’s clear that VFC is eager to continue their smashingly successful expansion onto US soil, as
they launch an exclusive IP (intellectual property), which allows them to offer a recipe on, free classified ads sites, that gives the same taste, juiciness and mouthful as tradition fried chicken, without harming any animals in the process! After last year’s successful launch, and also being crowned ‘Best New Vegan Product’ by Veg News earlier this year, VFC has expanded to a handful of food service
restaurants, major retail chains including Bristol Farms, Central Market, Harmon’s, and Raley’s, as well as a number of universities across the country.

VFC certainly stands out from the commercial crowd, as per, websites to post free ads. with a bold, irreverent, and rebellious
attitude, and known for their wit and humor, but most importantly it’s their no-holds-barred activism that really sets VFC apart from the rest, cemented with an ambitious brand mission: to end factory farming, spare chickens and change the world.

Aiming to revolutionize the Top 3 Best, a vegan food market with its unparalleled products, VFC offers restaurateurs and retailers crispy, tender, vegan chicken options, including; Chicken Fillets for the perfect burger bite, Chicken Tenders for dipping and dunking, and Popcorn Chicken for light sharing a snack. Each product is high in protein and there is absolutely no sacrifice on flavor, as per,  free classified ads sites.

VFC can be found at stand 303 at the Plant Based World Expo, as per, websites to post free ads. taking place September 8-9 and stand 1456 at Expo East, taking place September 28-October 1. For more information or to schedule a meeting with the founders and sales team during the expo, please contact Rick Hirsch at rick@vfcfoods.com or Megan Recce at megan@vfcfoods.com. Website: www.vfcfoods.com

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