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Natty or Not – Worth The Risk?

by Ronaldo Derric
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Christian Duque

This article is not about which method is healthier. Nor does it address the risks associated with the use of performance-enhancing drugs. In fact, you won’t read the part of this story that speaks to either of these points.

When asking if natty is worth it, I’m talking about the genre in terms of content creation. In a very good way, it’s their attempt at reality TV. Their goal is to ambush athletes they believe are lying about their natural condition.

These content creators (please don’t call them trolls) are skeptical based on things like muscle size, the states some athletes can achieve, and/or training consistency (e.g. how long you’re lifting). is holding They have certain standards for what a person should look like in their 20s and 50s. They don’t believe that over 200 pounds of muscle can be ripped. Why isn’t over 200 naturally jacked? Maybe because it can’t be done, right?

Many of the limitations placed on what is troubling and what is not are based on the critic’s own assumptions. It is not based on science or objective criteria. Neither blood tests, nor urine tests, nor polygraphs are involved, but even if they are, they are not considered conclusive by these hecklers.

Recognize that there have been nifty coalitions putting their hats on testosterone ratios that have been completely disproven.

Imagine admitting guilt or being punished for something you didn’t do, even if it’s natural, in order to meet the conditions to regain your good standing. Sound stupid? Well, that’s it!

Again, we could sit here all day and be knowledgeable, but the point of this article isn’t even about that. What I’m trying to say is that you can’t tell someone is mean or not just by looking at them. Nevertheless, there are a huge number of content creators doing just that.

The likes of Kenny KO and Greg Doucette have an endless number of videos with tons of hits screaming “fake nutty”. They base their skepticism on many theories that are seldom, if ever, supported. Some are sitting in front of webcams and throwing all sorts of slander at people they’ll never face. And that’s pretty lame. Sometimes we reply in the same way on the platform, but no matter how strong the counterargument is, it just fuels the discussion even more.

I have never heard that the accused Nisenatti could provide enough evidence to shut them up for someone “cheating”. That’s only true if the accusers are genuinely seeking the truth. Not only is it not their business to care about, it’s really just a trap. The only answer the accuser wants is a confession. Without it, they would burn the accused to death. They will call them hypocrites, liars, imposters. Some athletes who can’t ignore the allegations may half-admit, usually with humor in the process, but that may not work either.

Many top guys are trying to answer the nasty or not-so-troublesome claims with creatine and protein references. However, if the star is big enough, we’ll be back for more.

Take Mike O’Hearn or Simeon Panda for example. These guys have spent the better part of 15 years repeating the fact that they are drug free. Others, like Skip LaCour and Jeff Willet, have been hearing the allegations for 20 years. I still didn’t have enough to receive.

And the reason people like Kenny and Greg keep making videos like this is because they become hits. That’s why we put a mic in a celebrity’s face and ask the same silly question over and over again. Personally, I can’t let him watch more than 5 or 10 minutes of these types of videos. It pisses me off that people like this think they have the right to ask personal questions to people they don’t know and who never get an explanation.

I’m sure most of the answers they get range from “fuck yourself” to “get lost”, but all the viewer sees are poor souls who actually answer. But these trolls don’t care what the answer is.

they are not journalists. If this content wasn’t getting tons of hits, they wouldn’t be doing it. Plus, quite a few of these guys come very close to kicking an ass, which is probably a big hit for them. Make no mistake. I think a lot of them dream of being slapped like Jason Jenova in Rich Piana. All they want is a hit. For some it may be money issues, for some it may be hype, and for some it may be right after the adrenaline rush.

They live for the day they can walk up to a giant star, surrounded by staff, hordes of loyal fans waiting to meet them and just wreak havoc. change the Their silly questions can lead to outright brawls and they couldn’t be happier. Others walk around with scales and measuring tapes to take it to another level. We want to embarrass athletes by not just asking if they are on PEDs, but by challenging them about their height and weight. There is nothing good about their coverage. They just want to start shitting. That’s their whole modus operandi.

I have no ill will toward anyone trying to make a name for themselves. Just recently, I wrote an article about the Brazilian Hulk, who died at the age of 55 after injecting a self-made oil into his arms, deltoids and chest. Most of us would think this Synthor clown-looking guy was an idiot, but it was a ride to fame. You can’t even watch a video made up of tools asking if you’re picky.

Frankly, I’m surprised so many of these trolls aren’t kicked or beaten from the expo, but fitness celebrities have incredibly thick skin, and the expo’s production team has a small You need to fry a much bigger fish than deal with dwarves walking around with a mic.To rise from superstars who have real moves in life but live solely on Google Adsense earnings is.

Whether or not you do boring content depends on how low your influence is. I think it’s garbage content and I was only able to watch it for a couple of minutes. That said, it generates a huge amount of traffic and isn’t going to end any time soon.

Trolling always has an audience, but it’s not quality content. what’s your opinion? Do you think this bullshit is funny? you can be honest.

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