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Top most Differences Between Gaming Laptop and Normal laptop – PC Gaming Accessories

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When we are buying a laptop, there is confusion between a gaming laptop and normal. Basically, most of the people do not know the difference between them. So here I will tell you about the basic difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop in full detail.

Normal Laptop

Normal Laptop

The laptop is a portable computer which you can carry anywhere. They have a screen, keyboard, mouse and most important battery. It also has a power adapter which is used to charge the battery. The size is around 16 inches, and weight is around 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg.

Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are computers which are mainly used to play games or to work on high-end software. They are very different from normal laptops as they have graphics cards, better battery backup, more RAM and also the most important CPU and GPU. It also has a dedicated cooling system which is very important because when we are playing a game, the laptop gets heated up.

Difference Between Gaming Laptop And Normal Laptop:

  • The gaming laptop has all the features of the normal laptop, but they have some extra and fantastic features.
  • Graphics card is something which makes gaming laptops different from normal laptops.
  • The gaming laptop has more Ram in compared to a normal laptop to give high performance.
  • The battery life of a normal laptop is better than a gaming laptop.
  • Gaming laptops have a bigger display for the clear and better gaming experience.
  • Connectivity of gaming laptops is much better than a normal laptop for the lag-free gaming experience.
  • The gaming laptop has a far better webcam because it is necessary for live streaming.
  • The weight and price of the gaming laptop are a bit higher than a normal laptop because of its high-end, which is necessary for the better gaming experience.

Now discuss these points in detail;


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is the most important factor which differentiates gaming laptops from a normal laptop. In simple words, we can say that more RAM means you will get a better gaming experience.

In a gaming laptop, you will also get VRAM(Virtual Random Access Memory) which is associated with RAM to give lag-free gaming experience even at very high FPS.

But you must also check the type and quality of RAM and VRAM before buying any gaming laptop. There were many types of RAM available like DDR4, DDR6 etc., So you must select it as per your requirement.


Gaming laptops must have an advanced graphics card in comparison to a normal laptop to provide high-end realtime gaming experience. Graphics card is the most important factor of any gaming laptop. The gaming laptops also have high GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) to enhance your gaming experience.

This graphics card is also important for a graphics designer and video editor. The most popular graphics card is Nvidia which comes in two variants that is GTX and RTX series. The best graphics card which is used widely is Nividia gtx 1650. There were many more versions available you must choose that as per your use and requirement.


This is one of the most important factors because of which many people prefer a gaming laptop instead of a normal laptop. Speed is not only important for gaming; it is also very useful in multitasking and graphics designing.

The people who are into designing like graphic designer, video editor, content creator and many more look for speed because this factor decides how smoothly and quickly their software will run.

The speed factor also decides their rendering and exporting speed. For gamers, it is something without your event and cannot imagine starting a game because you do not want any lag or hang in your game. It is also very important for information processing.


Excellent resolution means more high-end gaming experience. Normal laptops have a very low resolution like 1366×768, which is very basic. But in a gaming laptop, you must have the high-resolution panel with a minimum 1920×1080 pixel, or in simple terms it is also known as 1080p. There were many types of display available in the market like FHD, UHD, 4K, 8K and many more.

You must also check the brightness because it is very important to see the colour more clearly. 250 nits is considered as the best brightness. One more factor which you must consider is colour quality because the more color your laptop can display the more excellent it will appear. There were mainly two types of display , IPS and OLED. But IPS display is considered best for gaming.


In the present time, we can see that every game has a 3D element in it. It has become essential for the realtime gaming experience. Today generally every laptop has a 3D factor, but there is a huge difference in between the 3d factor of a gaming laptop and normal laptop. This is also important for 3D modelling and animation for smooth working.

Higher Quality Parts

A gaming laptop is meant for high performance and extreme usage so they must have the best display, sound, memory which includes both SSD and HDD, processor and most importantly, long-lasting battery. The design and built quality must be strong and attractive. Generally, the body is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) and lightweight aluminium to make it strong and also to give it a gaming look.
In terms of sound quality, Dolby Audio is best, but if you get JBL, then it will be excellent. You will get display size in between 14 inch to 18 inches, but 15.6 inch is most popular, and it is also considered as best.


Many people think that we cannot expect long-lasting battery life in a gaming laptop. Earlier this is true, but today there were many laptops available in the market which can give a minimum 6 hours to 7 hours backup with intensive gaming. In a normal laptop, you can better backup in comparison to a gaming laptop. Because in the gaming laptop the whole system and it’s every part is working to give its best possible outcome. But still many laptops can provide satisfactory backup.


The normal laptops are much lighter than a gaming laptop. Usually, gaming laptops have more and high quality to give high-end experience, so it becomes heavy automatically. In gaming laptops, you will get a dual fans cooling system or some advanced cooling system which also gets added to the weight of the laptop.


The gaming laptops are a bit expensive in comparison to normal laptops. Basically, in a gaming laptop, you will get parts and body, which is far better than normal laptops. These parts are also upgradeable, which means your laptop will never get outdated. You can upgrade your laptop parts from time to time as per your requirements.


There is a need for better connectivity in gaming laptops in comparison to a normal laptop. You must check a number of USB ports, HDMI PORT, and c type and select it as per your use and requirement. There is also a need for a Wi-Fi 6 or upgraded version than this for a better wireless connection for lag-free gaming experience and also for live streaming. You must also go for the most upgraded and best Bluetooth to use a wireless device like Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Final Note

So that’s it for this topic. I have tried to explain each detail which will give you a proper idea of the difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop. I hope I made it easy for you to select the laptop as per your requirement. Still, if you face any difficulty, please let us know in the comment section.

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